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24w UV Bulb (PLL)
  • 24w UV Bulb (PLL)

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24w UV Bulb (PLL)

Replacement PLL Ultra Violet Bulbs

UVC bulbs should be replaced every 8 - 10 months as their effectiveness drops considerably by this time. The bulb may appear to be 'on' as you can see a blue/purple glow but they may no longer be performing algae elimination well at this stage.

These dual style bulbs, with 4 pin fitment are often found in UVC (Ultra Violet Clarifier) from brands such as 'Tetra', 'Hozelock'and 'Oase'.

We offer them in a range of 18w, 24w, 36w and 55w options.

If you are unsure of your requirements please call to further discuss your needs.




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