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Tetra IN 300 Plus

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Tetra IN 300 Plus

Tetra 'IN' Plus Internal Filters are the choice of filter for aquarists looking for reliable & powerful filters.

Tetra IN plus filters work both biologically and mechanically to remove dissolved ammonia and solid waste, thereby keeping the aquarium environment suitable for your fish. Tetra IN filters also re-oxygenate water as it is recirculated, further improving conditions.

This fully submersible internal filter allows an easy to control adjustable flow rate and rotatable outlet nozzle to allow 180 degree flow rate flexibility, while the built-in venturi system provides additional oxygen to the aquarium by pumping oxygen bubbles into the aquarium.

The filter spongs are also seperated into two sections. This allow the user to alternative the cleaning of each sponge thus maximising the amount of 'good' bacteria the filter has collected.

IN 300 Model specifications:

Tetra IN300 Plus supports aquariums from 10 - 40 litres.

Flow Rate: 300 litres/per hour
Power Consumption: 5 watts




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