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 Tetra Plant CO2 Optimat

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Tetra Plant CO2 Optimat

The practical, easy to use complete CO2 set for lush, healthy aquatic plants.


Easy way of enriching the aquarium water with CO2.

Aquatic plants develop stronger and healthier.

The optimum growth of plants leads to an increase in the water's oxygen content, which is important for the fish's well-being.

Prevention of lime deposits on the leaves and glass panes.

Consists of 11 g CO2 depot, 1 diffusion tube, 1 hose connection

Ideal for aquariums containing up to 100 litres.

Further Information:
Connect CO2 Optimat to diffuser in aquarium. Fill the diffuser during the morning (when light are on) and ensure that all CO2 is gone before switching lights out. Plants do not require CO2 at night.

We can also provide a an extra cannister (CO2 Depot) at a just 5.00 extra if brought at the same time as the 'Optimat' kit. To take advantage of this offer select 'Yes' from the drop down menu below.

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