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Calico Butterfly Moor
  • Calico Butterfly Moor

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Calico Butterfly Moor

An 'Butterfly' Moor is a breed of goldfish characterized by its tail fin being similar to butterflies wings when looked at from above.

Calico Butterfly Moors generally grow up to 8 - 10 inches.

Fish Requirements:
These fish are not suitable for living outside in the garden pond and must always be housed within aquarium.

A ranging diet is best for all fish but we always recommend either TetraFin's Gold Japan Sticks

Treats of Frozen or Live Bloodworm will also be readily accepted!

How to Order
To purchase fish we ask you to call us on 01952 201970 where we can process the order and take payment over the phone. We have a duty of care to our fish and as such do not have a 'click to buy' function for livestock on our website.

To enquire about the purchase of the fish or any others on the Ripples website please call us on:

Tel: 01952 201970

Alternatively, you can email over your enquiry by clicking the email button below.