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Marine Additives

We stock a broad range of marine additives from Salifert, Tetra, Red Sea and Fluval Sea, so whether your marine tank is low in calcium, magnesium, strontium or if you are just looking to improve coral colouration and/or growth we have some great solutions for you within this section.

Calcium: The 'most' essential element for coral growth, ideal level in marine aquaria 450ppm.
Alkalinity: Vital like calcium, many corals use "alkalinity" to form their skeletons. ideal level 2.5-4 meq/L 7-11 dKH.
Magnesium: Helps in skeleton forming process of 'stony' corals and other invertebrates. ideal level 1300ppm.
Strontium: Believed to additionally improve coral growth after Calcium & Magnesium, ideal level 5-15ppm.
Algae Management: Solutions to help prevent and combat marine tank algae.
Other Additives A collection of other specialist additives (e.g. ions & trace elements).